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748 wins, 202 wins, 379 wins …

It takes time to leave a proper legacy. At Kennedale High School in the athletic department, there has been one established and another two that are still in the making.*?{{more: continue …}}
baseball …??

Coach Jet Teague _ photo: KHS

The first was the legacy that Jet Teague established for Wildcat Baseball. In just its second year of play and in its first complete season, a young Jet Teague took over the fledging baseball program and built a consistent winner over the next 30 years.

By the time Teague retired in 2014, he had won 748 games, 13 district championships, 14 bi-district championships, 10 area titles, 8 regional quarter finals, 2 regional semifinals, one regional final and one state championship.?
football …??

Coach Richard Barrett _

photo: Russ Rendon

Earlier this year another legacy (still in the making) was celebrated when Richard Barrett, Kennedale Head Football Coach and Athletic Director celebrated his 200th career win. He went on to win 2 more making it 202 to end the 2017 season.

Barrett now has an overall winning percentage of 73%. (.729) and is #14 among active coaches in the State of Texas. His best years have been the last 17 at Kennedale, winning 10 district title, making 17 straight playoff appearances with never a losing season and with an overall winning percentage of 78% (.779). He has pushed Kennedale football further and higher than it has ever been with Kennedale finishing as the #2 team in Class 4A Division 1 football this year and going 49-8 over the last 4 years.?
basketball …?
But there is another coach that has been quietly building a strong legacy for Wildcat basketball that is not likely to be equaled anytime soon. Head Basketball Coach Doug Groff is completing his 15th year at Kennedale as head coach, his first and only head coaching job. Barrett hired him away from Midlothian High School where he was the assistant varsity coach.? Former football and assistant basketball coach, Aubrey Sims, who had known Groff at Midlothian had made the recommendation to Barrett, the rest is history, as they say.?

Coach Doug Groff _ photo: Staci


Since his hiring 15 years ago, he has had only two losing season going 13-16 in his 2nd year as head coach and again in his 6th year when the Cats were 15-16. He missed the playoffs during those two years but has made it every other year. This year was his 9 straight after the Wildcats captured first place in District 7-4A.

Groff has 9 district championships (2 are co-championships), 8 area championships, 5 region quarterfinal championship, 2 regional championships, 2 final four appearances and one state title.
He has 379 career wins at an average of 25 per season. That compares to 135 losses or just an average of 9 per season. This gives him a winning percentage of 73.7 (.737).
In other words over half of his teams (9-15) have earned district titles. Thirteen out of 15 made the playoffs with all but two of those teams advancing, 8 of his teams have earned at least area titles and one third of his teams finished with 30 or more wins: 38-1, 33-3, 31-3, 30-5 and 33-5.
He will argue though that those 30 plus win seasons were the easiest coaching he has had to do and that he also has been blessed with a lot of talent over the years. Be that as it may, there are many coaches who have been so blessed but have so little to show for it. Groff has shown that he knows how to consistently get the most out of the talent he has.
three winning programs …??
Three winning programs with three coaches that have earned the respect of their players and their peers. And, all have a common theme running through their programs – hard work and dedication can not erase talent but it does produces winners.?
** It has to be noted that there is another non-athletic program with an equal claim to a legacy and that is the Wildcat Band Program that has been under the direction of Erol Oktay for 16 years … more later.?

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