Life Fellowship Kicks off Super University “Super Heroes in Training”

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This coming week starting Sunday evening at 6 p.m. the Kennedale Life Fellowship Church will start a 4 evening program for children Kindergarten through grade 6 as part of their Children’s Crusade.

The title for this program is Super University “Super Heroes in Training”. Each evening will focus on a different topic. {{more}}
Sunday night will focus on “Character – What is your character?”
Monday night the focus will be on “Power – What is your power and where does it come from?” Tuesday night’s topic will be “Costume – It is time to find your costume and suit up!”
Wednesday subject will be “Mission – What is your Mission as a hero?”
You can find out more information and enroll your child by going by the church or clicking on the links below.
Address:?611 Little School Road


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