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Mandatory Drug Testing Report given to KISD Board

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At the start of the 2007 ? 2008 school year, Kennedale ISD implemented a mandatory drug testing program for students involved in the following areas:
  1. School ? sponsored extracurricular activities including the following: Athletics, Cheerleading, Band, Choir, Dance, UIL Academics, One-Act Play
  2. Students who park vehicles on campus
  3. Students who leave for off-campus lunch ?{{more}}
Students are required to submit for an annual initial test, then are subject to random testing throughout the year. If a student tests positive, they are automatically retested until his/her results are not positive for 60 days.
Parents are required to attend an orientation meeting with their student the first year that the student is involved in an activity that requires the student to participate in the testing program.
According to Associate Superintendent Rick Edwards, the district believes this program offers students the opportunity to decline illegal drug use and has been successful in this manner.
For the 2012 ? 2013 school year, Edwards reported the the following results:
High School ????????? Junior High School ??????? TOTAL
667 Initial tests ?????? 338 Initial tests ???????????? 1005 Initial tests
203 random tests ??? 119 random tests ????????? 322 Random tests
? 17 retests ???????????????? 0 retests ????????????????????????17 retests

Out of 1005 students tested in the district, 5 students tested positive a total of 9 times. 2 students refused to be tested (which is an automatic positive according to our policy) a total of 8 times.

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