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New non-profit opens in Kennedale for special needs

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Day service provided …

Able?s Front Porch, a non-profit organization, has opened a day camp this week in Kennedale with the goal of serving adults with special needs. {{more: Continue … }}

Executive Director Marilyn Priddy states on their website that ?our mission is to assist individuals with intellectual, mental, and physical special needs and their families by providing enriching, interactive activities, education, and a safe place to enjoy them.?
5 days a week …
The program opened its door this week in Dover Hall at the First Methodist Church of Kennedale. It will operate 5 days a week from 9 am ? 3 pm Monday through Friday.
Priddy said, ?Most of our special needs will be over 20. They have already graduated from school and they no longer have a place to go because school is over. They may not be able to hold a job and they need some activity and things to do.?
Their activities will include off camp trips such as bowling, museums, the zoo, the Botanical Gardens, other area events. The activities on site will emphasize learning and reinforcing living skills. There is no television in sight.
?We have three right now but we are hoping to grow to 20 or 30 people,” said Priddy. “Our primary funding for Able?s Front Porch comes from the Texas

Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) and through Tarrant County MHMR. We are considered a mission of the church because they provide the building but we will pay our share of utility cost.”

Kennedale Coyotes …
Besides the day camp, Able?s Front Porch will also sponsor the Kennedale Coyotes, a separate athletic program. Team members will be participate in the Special Olympics as well as other team sports such as basketball, soccer, swimming and softball.
As far as experience, Priddy says, ?We have over 20 years in the business. Originally, I was led into it our son, who is special needs.? Her son is 42 now. She said for the last 10-12 years, she was with a similar group [Advocates for Special Needs] in Arlington.
this area is underserved …
Priddy went on, ?But I decided to branch out our own because I felt that this area [Kennedale] was really underserved ? there is a really nothing [offered] south of I20.?
Priddy cited the fact that there is 10,000 adults with disability in Tarrant County that could use this type of service. The program is not for the non-ambulatory or those who need nursing assistance. They also should be able to take care of their own basic needs.

For more

information call 817-715-1156 or Able?s Front Porch

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