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On the Road ? Ray?s Pharmacy

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One in a series of articles ? ?Finding Kennedale?s Oldest Businesses?
? ? ?Ray?s Pharmacy has been a Kennedale fixture for 38 years. Mr. Lee Roy Ray built the store at what is now 301 West Kennedale Parkway as a second drug store. He had opened his first store in Mansfield in 1954. His son, Danny, bought his father interest in both stores three years later. The original store in Mansfield was closed several years ago when Danny Ray open a brand new drug store at 1831 Broad Street in Mansfield complete with an old fashion soda fountain. {{more}}

? ? ?Ray?s Pharmacy is still Kennedale’s only free standing pharmacy. Danny Ray did say it is a lot of harder today to have a profit margin. Insurance companies are squeezing any chance for a pharmacy to make a go of it. He said that he could make it on 75 prescriptions a day in past years but now it takes 3 times that to keep a business going.

? ? ?If you have not visited Ray?s in Kennedale, it is a good place to pick up that prescription as well as unique gift items, greeting cards and non-prescription drugs.

Pictured is Danny Ray in the middle and his father Lee Roy on the right
(photo August, 1979)?

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