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Party Time for KHS Seniors – Maybe You Can Help

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? ? ?After prom parties are a tradition. For Kennedale seniors it means partying all night long with their dates and friends with plenty of food and drink (the legal kind) because it is the Kennedale High School After Prom Party sponsored and hosted by the KHS PTA with over a hundred parent/community/school volunteers and donors.
? ? ?Years ago parents of seniors decided that there needed to be an alternative to unplanned, unsupervised and most likely illegal choices that were available on prom night. ?{{more}}That alternative has developed into the biggest spring project for the Kennedale High School PTA each year.
? ? ?The Party starts after the Prom has ended around 11 p.m. This year it is at Putt Putt in Hurst with the whole facility rented out just for KHS seniors and dates. The students have an opportunity to bring a change of clothes or go home and change. After midnight the doors are closed and no one is allowed to enter except parents and volunteers. If a student/date leaves before the closing time of 6 a.m. they are required to call home and let a parent know that they are leaving. There is no in and out. School administrators volunteer their time to watch the doors and assist inside as needed. The PTA makes sure there is security and usually at least one Kennedale Off-Duty police officer is there all night. But the true success of the event is the total number of parent/community volunteers that give up their time and sleeping hours.
? ? ? The students have a chance to ?bid? on any number of items that might range from an ipad/laptop to gift cards. And of course, they have all the rest of Putt Putt ? arcade, miniature golf, bowling, laser tag and other games set up and run by the volunteers as well as loads of food almost all donated by local merchants. It’s fun, a place to be with friends and with out the hassle and pressure of deciding what to do after prom.
? ? ?But this is a major project with some significant cost. The Kennedale High School PTA is having two upcoming fund raisers. The first is a ?Spring Flower? sell. You can buy flats of spring flowers during March for $14 (begonias, petunias, inpatients, verbenas and moss rose) and/or hanging baskets for $10 (moss rose, petunias, begonias). Sale ends March 25th.

? ? ?The second fund raiser is a huge garage and craft sale April 7-8th. The PTA is looking for donations of items in good condition and for crafts items. More information on these events and an order form for the flowers can be obtained by checking out the KHS website at www.kennedale.net/Domain/71

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