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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Pastor Nelda’s Notes: On worrying …

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We all wonder how to stop worrying.
Living in relationship with Jesus can free us from worrying about anything. You must choose to rely on Jesus. {{more: continue …}}He will help you manage the situation and will give you peace in the process. Break the habit of worrying. Let go and embrace the peace that only God can offer.

Here are a few reasons not to worry:

  1. Worry cannot help you. Worry is not powerful enough to prevent anything bad from happening in your life.?
  2. It is evident worry can harm you. It can harm your health physically. It can cause high blood pressure, suppress your immune system, cause insomnia. Spiritually, worry can cause fear rather than faith in God. Mentally, it can send negative thoughts into your mind. Worry can waste valuable energy and time that you could be using for other activities.
  3. We have to recognize the difference between concern and worry. It?s healthy to be concerned about something, it?s unhealthy to worry about it. Concern motivates you to do something to solve problems or plan helpful ways to cope with them. Worry keeps you stuck on problems.?
  4. We are responsible for the way we think, feel and behave. Make a crucial choice. There’s no way to stop bad things from happening, You do have a choice in how you respond to the things that happen in your life. Pray. Invite God to work in this situation in your life. Choose to pray and not to worry.
  5. Since God wants the best for you, trust God to deal with what worries you. God is always in the midst of everything and God can do anything. Invite God to work it out for your best. If you are struggling to trust God with the problems are worrying you, God will reveal whatever unbelief may be preventing you from completely trusting HIm. Confess that unbelief and ask God for faith.?
  6. Look beyond your circumstances to God. Use prayer and meditation to reduce anxiety and stress. Focus on God. God is in control of all of your circumstances. You’ll discover more about His great power and love if you give every worry to God.

Everything is possible when you believe. You don?t have to worry when you remember that God is working on your behalf, because God can and will do anything to help you.
Choose to believe that God will do what?s best for you; place your hope in Him. Let go and Let God!
See you on Sunday!
“I don’t know how, but I know WHO!”

Pastor Nelda


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