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Planning for the future – KHS Seniors making decisions – Part Six

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Kennedale High School has begun a series of media post on where or what some of their seniors are planning to do after they graduate this year. The following are several more seniors announcing plans. {{more: continue …}}Read more articles like this @ https://kennedalenews.com/index203.htm?

Faith Kinser has played soccer since she was 5 years old and was a part of the LadyKats soccer team all 4 years earning all-district each year up to her final season which was cancelled due to the coronavirus. When the season unexpected ended she was one of five seniors on a team that was state ranked and undefeated in district play.?

She has recently been accepted to Tarleton University. Her major will be business.

Her parents said, “We are very proud of the awesome young lady she has become! Beautiful inside and out! We can?t wait to see what the future holds for her!”

Abby Mayer has been a wildcat since attending Patterson, after moving back from Ohio. She has been a yearbook editor for the last several years and has enjoyed putting together memories that will last a lifetime.?

Abby will be attending school, after a short break, to pursue a degree in criminology.

Abby has such a beautiful and caring heart and those who know her are proud of who is she becoming and are looking forward to seeing what she will accomplish.?

Seth Paroulek has played football since the 1st grade and was lucky enough to attend every Kennedale school. His senior year he took over as quarterback and helped guide the Wildcats to their 8th straight undefeated season and 19th playoff appearance.?

According to his parents, ?Seth has truly grown into a great young man these past 4 years at Kennedale High School and his dad and I are excited to see where his future takes him.??

Trey Rondinaro is a 13-year Kennedale Wildcat who started out by charming Ms. Wanda Hibbetts at Delaney Elementary. He has defied the odds and proven all the doctors wrong, and continues to show this world every day that He and God have a much better plan for him.

He has such a loving soul and has never met a stranger. Trey loves his lava lamps!
After high school, Trey will attend a day school until he finds his perfect spot to give back to the community that he grew up in and that supported him throughout the years.?

Kate Elena Sellers is a 10 year student of KISD from her first grade year at Patterson. Her passions include graphics and arts. She enjoys the outdoors, time with her friends, movies, music, and animals, in particular, kitty?s.?

Kate has an infectious smile and always puts others before herself. She was heavily involved in the color guard program for her freshman, sophomore, and junior years (including the year Wildcat football went to the championship game at AT&T stadium, what a memory for all).
In the fall, Kate plans to attend TCC and while she while she searches for her dream career.
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