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Police Incident Report Oct 27-Nov 2 shows more activity

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The week of Oct 27 ?Nov 2 was a busy one dealing with several thefts from parked unlocked autos, domestic disturbances, public intoxication, hit and run (mailbox), possession, assault, unregistered sex offender, theft of copper wiring and more.

One incident involving an unregistered sex offender occurred on Brown Street in Kennedale. On 10/25/2013 a detective was contacted by Fort Worth police {{more}}to report that they had been notified of a sex offender leaving a halfway house in their city and moving to Kennedale. The sex offender was convicted of indecency with a child and required to register his address for life. Fort Worth police stated that the offender had moved to Kennedale on Brown Street. The detective conducted a series of follow-up inquiries with the court as well as the district attorney, and was able to obtain an arrest warrant on 10/31/2013. The warrant was served by Kennedale patrol officers that afternoon and the offender was transported to jail for booking.

Listing of incidents:

10/27 Possession Drug Paraphernalia; 1000 block Little School Rd

10/27 Burglary of Vehicle; 400 block Coker Valley Dr

10/27 Possession Control Substance PG 1 > = 4G < 200G, Possession Control Substance PG 1 > = 4G < 200G, Possession Dangerous Drugs; 100 block Kenny St.

10/27 Burglary of Vehicle; 800 block Mansfield Cardinal Rd

10/28 Sex Offenders Duty to Register life/Annually; 100 block Brown St

10/28 Burglary of Building; 1500 block Gilman Rd

10/28 Burglary of Vehicle; 400 block Municipal Drive

10/28 Theft 50 < 500; 100 block Dick Price Rd

10/28 Demented Person;700 block Crestview Dr

10/29 Unauthorized Use of Vehicle; 700 block Crestview Dr

10/29 Demented Person; 900 block Kennedale Pkwy

10/30 Criminal Mischief 50 < 500; 1500 block Gilman Rd

10/31 Assault ? Contact; 200 block Pine Meadows Dr

11/1 Aggravated Assault Date/ Family/ House w/ Weapon; 200 block Kenny St

11/1 FTGI Acc-Fixture; 100 block Dick Price Rd

11/1 Assault ? Contact; 200 block Kennedale New Hope Rd

11/1 Alcohol ? Public Intoxication; 6800 block Pennsylvania Ave.
For more information on these reports See detail report

These statistics are based on police reports. They do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation may be deemed unfounded. In other words, this data should not be construed as official statistics.

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