Police suspect natural causes in death

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Monday afternoon a body of a female was discovered by Tarrant County workers just off E. Kennedale Parkway near the county precinct maintenance complex and in the 1200 block of the parkway. {{more}}

The Initial investigation by the KPD and Fire/EMS personnel determined that the deceased had apparently been there for some time. The victim was identified as Kim Lynn Young, age 48 and relatives were notified. The body was turned over to the county medication examiner?s office. At the time no obvious signs of foul play was evident but the death was being investigated as suspicious according to statement released by KPD Chief Tommy Williams on Tuesday. See KPD

Press Release

When contacted today, Williams said that more information had been gathered but nothing yet to indicate any foul play.
Williams said that detecives had talked with the victim?s boyfriend and found out that they shared a residence in the area. The victim was an insulin dependent diabetic and within the two last week had been hospitalized. She may have wandered away from the house and the boyfriend was not sure she had taken her medication.
The Medical Examiner?s office said that based on their initial investigation, they didn?t see any evidence of foul play.
Chief Williams said that the case is still being ?investigated as suspicious.? Williams said, ?Every death gets investigated as a suspicious death until you prove otherwise. We are waiting for the report from the medical examiner?s office before we can make a determination. It will be six to eight weeks before they have the final toxicology report and can make a ruling.”
Williams added, ?It appears at this point that it is going to be a natural death compounded by the ongoing health issues that she had.?

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