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Principals agree new year off to good start

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In reports to the KISD School Board the first week of school, each of the KISD school principals reported that on their campus, things were going well. They all agree that the changes in the dress code have been met with a lot of positives by parents and students and all said that they were ready for the new year. {{more}}

Delaney Elementary ?a really, really nice start ??

Delaney Principal Katina

Martinez (file photo)

At James F. Delaney Elementary, Principal

Katina Martinez, beginning her fourth year at Delaney Elementary, called it a ?great start to school year? with only the minor gliches that occur with the beginning of a new year, but as she added overall, ?a really, really nice start.? New programs in Math, Social Studies and Phonetics will be introduced to parents on two Curriculum Nights set for September 8th and 10th. Martinez reported on the dress code and said that the parents and the students were ?loving the revised dress code.? Delaney Elementary will be Celebrating Freedom week this coming week, Sept 8-11. Grandparent Days have been scheduled for September 16-18th. And the school-wide fundraiser will begin September 21 with the school selling the World Finest Chocolate. September 22 will be Delaney Night at Spring Creek BBQ in Mansfield with a percentage of sales benefiting the school.

Patterson Elementary ?lots of positive comments? ?
Patterson Principal Kari

Blackstone (file photo)


Cari Blackstone at R.F. Patterson Elementary in her third year as principal, called it ?great start to the school year.? She noted that ?Our building looks incredible thanks to the KISD Maintenance Department who spend the summer redoing the floors and painting. It looks awesome. We received a lot of positive comments from the community.? For Patterson Elementary, ?Parent Curriculum Nights? are scheduled by grade level. ( 2nd grade was Thursday Sept 2, third grade is Tuesday, Sept 8 and 4th grade is Sept 10 with all 6-7 pm). A ?Grandparent Breakfast? is scheduled for Thursday, September 10, sponsored by the school?s ACE program and a ?Grandparent Lunch? is set for Friday, September 18. The school fund raiser will also be the World Finest Chocolate and will begin September 17. The Patterson Elementary Night at Spring Creek BBQ in Mansfield is on September 30. In referring to the new dress code, Blackstone said, ?the kids look great.? She added that, ?there doesn?t seem to be as many issues with the dress code [this year].?

Arthur Intermediate ?everyone is really excited? ?
Arthur Principal Frankie

Bryson (file photo)

James Arthur Intermediate Principal

Frankie Bryson in her first year at Arthur told KISD Board members that, ?We have had a super successful start to school. Everyone is really excited.? Bryson said that it started in teacher in-service with the introduction of ?Tribes? training, a program that included strategies in working with the kids in classroom management, instructional practices and just general community-building with the goal of bringing everyone together. Bryson said that the teachers have been implementing it and ?we have seen a lot of positive responses from our kids and our teachers.? A ?Tribes Family Night? is set for September 24 so that ? we can show our parents what tribes is all about.? The big fundraiser for the school this year is Big Kuhna Cookie Dough which started Sept 2nd. Bryson added ?Our building looks great and we are off to a positive start.?

KJHS ?made both progress and change??
Junior High Principal Michael

Cagle (file photo)

Michael Cagle in his second year as principal at KJHS, made a brief statement to Board, saying in part. ?I can report from the Junior high that we have made both change and progress … to see what we have in our schools compared what we have in our schools three years ago. I thank the school board for voting one to one [computers to students]. If anybody ever questions what is going on in Kennedale Schools they need to know a couple of things. The number one is that our enrollment is starting higher at least in the four years of data that I know in the Junior High and that is with the 8th grade that was statistically low. They have gained around 25 kids since they have come to us in the Junior High. And, the other is just asked the kids what kind of experience that they are having. We are winning over kids from California and Kansas City that are doing [campus] tours. All the kids that have done tours last year, they all ended up here. We are ahead of the game and they are getting a digital experience unlike any other and so thank you. ?

KHS ?it has been amazing how the staff has come together?…
High School Principal Justin

Marchel (file photo)

At Kennedale High School, Principal

Justin Marchel beginning his second year, informed the Board that, ?We had a great start. It has been amazing how the staff has come together. We had quite a few new people and they have really bonded. Our veteran teachers have taken them in and really helped them a lot. I just want to say that I appreciate them for all that they have done and I appreciate you for the ?one to one? technology. … Like Michael [Jr High principal Michae Cagle] said that we are ahead of the game. I have been in this business for 34 years and I have never seen anything like the facilities that we have and I am really blessed to be here. In talking about the revised dress code Marchel told the Board, ?We had class meetings and we did a fashion show. We wanted everyone to understand the new dress code. Our kids loved the fact that they could wear plaid shirts .. It is going really well. We are also rolling out the laptops for ?practicum? kids. And thanks to Mike [Mike Noland, Director of KISD

Technology Department] and his staff along with Bel [Assistant Principal Bel Williams], we are getting there.? Marchel cited the beginning of the district drug testing program [drug testing is mandatory for students participating in any UIL activity and seniors who go off campus for lunch and optional for all other students]. He also mentioned the first football game, ?I have sent out a message for everyone to come out and support the team, the band the cheerleaders, the drill team and all the kids that are involved in that. It is quite a spectacle. It is nice to watch all the things that they do.? He also mentioned that the girls? volleyball teams were playing saying that he is confident that we will competed very well.?


Marchel introduced his new assistant principal, Bel

Williams who came from Brewer Junior High School. ?I just want to brag on her just a little bit. She has taken on this whole laptop rollout and has worked with Mike [Noland] and his staff. She has done an excellent job. She has been at school late and working on it at home. She has done a great job and I really appreciate her.? Adding, ?She is an excellent addition to the high school.?

Trustee Rhonda Barnes mentioned the new AV room on the 2nd floor at the high school with updated equipment. Marchall told those present, ?If you have not been there [to see it], you need to go. It is incredible.? Board President Joe Taylor also mentioned the new 2nd floor addition at the high school saying, ?I am so excited about [the classes on] that whole floor.?

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