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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Racial Profiling Report Goes to City Council

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? ? ?Thursday evening the Kennedale City Council will be presented with a report from Police Chief Tommy Williams on racial profiling. The report is an annual report required Texas Senate Bill 1074. Chief Williams noted following in the report.
?Because such a large majority of our citations continue to be issued to persons outside of the city, the baseline includes the combined populations of our neighboring cities of Arlington, Forest Hill, Fort Worth, and Mansfield, as well as Kennedale. ?{{more}} Motorists come from or through these cities in order to get to or through Kennedale. Our stops and searches are within tolerances for the percentile groups.”
? ? ?In the report the following information was given.
  • There were 1900 traffic stop citations issued and of that number 69% were white, 16% black, 13% Hispanic, 1% Asian and the remainder 1% were middle eastern, native American and unknown.
  • Of the 24 arrests from traffic stops 75% were white, 8% black, 17% Hispanic and 1% Asian.
  • 91 searches were conducted during those stops with 78% being white, 15% black, 6% Hispanic and 1% Asian.
  • The Kennedale area shows an area that is 57% white, 16% black, 26 % Hispanic, 4% Asian and less than 1% other or unknown.
? ? ?Police Chief Williams also noted that there were no complaints concerning racial profiling during 2012 the time period covered by this report.?He also noted that staff education included
?numerous discussions occurred throughout the year during briefing and staff meetings about racial profiling issues to be aware of. In addition, supervisors are required to review random video tapes of stops each quarter to identify any problems that have not been reported. No issues were identified.”

? ? His full report will be presented to the City Council Thursday, February 14 at the regular Council meeting starting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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