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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Robin On The Roof Is Raising Charity to New Heights

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The following is the story that Channel 33 News at Five did on Robin on the Roof. Before Robin moved to All Saints Lutheran, First United Methodist of Kennedale hosted Robin on the Roof for four years. See earlier story Local

Church to start annual food drive for area food pantries {{more}}

Laurie Middleton, member First United Methodist of Kennedale, posted the following statement.
“Thanks to everyone who has donated food or cash at First United Methodist Church of Kennedale Robin on the Roof Drop Off Location ~ We have collected 712 pounds of food ~ $740.00 in cash donations which equals 4,432 pounds to go towards getting Robin off the Roof!!! Kennedale is a great town to live in ~ Everyone here loves to get behind a good cause! Thanks to Robin on the Roof for drawing awareness to this need! She is half way to her 100,000 pound goal, keep the donations coming!! UPDATE: 56,737 pounds ~ 9:38 pm Saturday, May 31, 2014″
POSTED 9:34 PM, MAY 30, 2014, BY , UPDATED AT 09:38PM, MAY 30, 2014
Video of news report at http://cw33.com/2014/05/30/2285/
When it?s not a holiday or a special occasion some have to go to new heights to encourage people to help others, and by new heights we are talking rooftops. For the last few years, Robin Evans has been doing a sit in /stand in on rooftops, to raise donations for area food pantries. This weekend, Robin is perched on the All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington.

A nurse of 30 years Robin is used to helping others and wanted to do something to help the hungry. Once she explained what she wanted to do she got a few funny looks. Robin laughs ,?They were kind of like well good luck with that. We?ll support you. They think I?m a little crazy but you know its? all in fun.

And the timing for this food drive is great for food banks. Robin explains about schools letting out for the summer,? The food pantries needs are doubled because the children don?t have their backpack programs or free meals.?

Robin mentions how they?ve peaked people?s interest,? A couple of years ago we went viral, we are being followed by 8 countries now and pretty much all of the nation.
To find out how to help feed the hungry go to www.robinontheroof.com

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