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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Royalty checks this past month much bigger?

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For some of those in the Kennedale area that have been receiving royalty checks for gas drilling by Chesapeake, a big surprise came in the mail recently. The sometimes monthly check from the struggling energy giant was at least doubled, tripled or more. {{more:[Read more]}}
There was no explanation given, just a long print out of the calculations. So what gives? Was it a trick and they were really trying to buy off your royalty rights?

According to a Star-Telegram report by Max B Baker ([email protected]) on Thursday and reprinted in the Sunday paper, it seems that Chesapeake has quietly recalculated the way they have been paying for gas that has been obtained from drilling.

Chesapeake has issued a ?No Comment? about it but in the past year they have been sued and/threatened with lawsuits over this very issue.
Just recently several large suits have been ?settled? with no disclosure of how much and exactly why.
Read more in the Star Telegram

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