SHE IS BACK! (Last Week to Submit A Name)

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The ?Little Girl Reading the Book? has returned to the traffic circle at Wildcat Way and Sublett.

Everyone is speculating about her mysterious disappearance this summer. Rumors are rampant. Some speculate that she got too hot trying to read out in the open and left for cooler locales. They said she was seen at the Senior Citizens Center playing bingo. But then others swore that they saw her down at Red?s partying (Red?s vehemently denied it, saying she was underage). A few think that she was kidnapped by an angry mob of citizens who did not know how to get off the new traffic circle. {{more}}

But after careful undercover work the Kennedale News has an exclusive ? she was found by the Kennedale PD at Sonora Park on one of the swings – reading the same book. How and why she ended up there unscratched and with a dark suntan no one is saying? Whatever the reason she has been safely returned and permanently attached.

However, we at the Kennedale News, are very concerned. She has no name. If she disappears again what shall report ? ?the girl reading the book on the traffic circle? is missing? This is awkward. So the Kennedale News has taken on itself to sponsor a naming contest for the girl. This is entirely unofficial because we are not the parents nor did we assist in her arrival in this world. But we would like to at least give her a ?nickname?. Have a suggestion? Enter your suggestion on our facebook page. We will compile a list of the top picks and let everyone vote their favorite on our poll page.

Keep checking for our exclusive on a ?sighting of a large greenish looking monster? in the lake at Sonora Park. Could it be Nellie?!

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