School Issues a Statement About Delaney Elementary Room

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In a odd twist in this election season, a room at James Delaney Elementary has become somewhat of an issue. The room which has served as book room and a PTA storage area among other things is currently being used for a dual purpose at the school. It is now used for instructional and classroom material storage, as well as, small group tutoring. According to Delaney Pricipal, Katina Martinez, the room was chosen for its location, it quietness and its usable space.{{more}} But to some others, apparently, it is a closet and it represents mismanagement or poor planning by the school district.

In response to what the Kennedale ISD believes was a false or a misrepresentation on social media of its use of space at James Delaney Elementary, the school district placed a statement on the district’s website along with pictures of the space in question this past week. ?The statement as posted by KISD:
“Statement Regarding the Delaney Tutoring Room”
“Pictured below are accurate photos of the tutoring room at Delaney that has been the topic of much discussion within the district. Pictures were posted on a social media site of this room under false pretenses that did not depict the accurate state of organization in which it is normally found. The photos below demonstrate the appearance of the room organized to the standards upheld by Delaney employees. This is a truthful statement about Delaney?s use of space within the building and it is our hope that deceiving pictures posted to a social media site do not affect the upcoming school board election. We feel the election of school board members should be based upon qualifications of the candidates and their desire to better the quality of education for our students.”

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