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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

School budget increases 5%, hearing set for August 28

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The Kennedale

Independent School District has proposed a $26, 737, 076 budget for 2014-15. This represents an approximate 5% increase over the 2013-14 budget. The budget has been approved by the school board but it is tied to the approval of a new tax rate.

Most of the increase (5.5%) comes in the area of Instruction and Instructional Support which represents 76% of the budget. This area includes teachers, aides, counselors, nursing staff and campus administrators. The next largest area of the budget is in District Operations (17%) which includes maintenance, data processing, food service and busing. It had a 1.7% increase.
A significant part the increase in the budget comes with the average 3% raise given to teachers and staff for the new school year. Teachers were given a $1500 raise with the rest of the staff a 3% increase for the new school year.

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