School property burglarized and money order fraud reported by KPD

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On January 12, a citizen had observed three males attempting to remove an air compressor from a shed by the football field of Kennedale Junior High School. The males ran away when they realized they were being watched and had left the area on the officers? arrival. The officers contacted school officials who responded to check the property. It was discovered that person(s) unknown had removed $5,150 worth of tools as well {{more}}as a large amount of copper wiring from some of the field lighting. Police were using video footage to try and identify the criminals.

In a fraud case reported on January 16, the victim stated that she received a $972.00 money order from a firm in Louisiana for services as a mystery shopper. The victim was to deposit the money order in her account and withhold her fee of $56.00. The remaining $916.00 was to be sent back to the company via a separate money order. The victim deposited the first money order into her personal account, withheld her fee, and sent a second money order that was also drawn on her personal account. Her bank, which had originally credited her account for the original deposit, later notified her that the first money order was not valid and removed the credit.

The following is a list of incidents reported to the Kennedale Police Department for the week of January 12, 2014 to January 18, 2014. Read

details on KPD News Feed

1/12 Burglary of Building Theft of Materials 50% ALUM/BRNZ/COPPER < 20K ENH; 900 block Corry A. Edwards Dr.

1/12 Assault Cause Bodily Injury Family Member; 5900 block Eden Rd.

1/12 Theft 50 < 500; 100 block Pine Meadows Dr.

1/12 Burglary of Habitation; 500 block North Rd.

1/13 Theft 500 < 1500; 400 block Kevin Miller Rd.

1/13 Criminal Mischief 1500 < 20K; 1200 block Leanne Ct.

1/13 Burglary of Vehicle; 3800 block Kennedale New Hope Rd.

1/14 Burglary of Vehicle; 600 block Kennedale Pkwy.

1/14 Burglary of Vehicle; 900 block Wildcat Way

1/15 Credit/ Debit Card Abuse, Theft 50 < 500; 500 block Kennedale Pkwy.

1/16 Fraud Finance Statement Forged; 400 block Rolanda Rd.

1/17 Burglary of Vehicle; 700 block Crestview

These statistics are based on police reports. They do not include calls where no report was written. Some of the offenses, after further investigation may be deemed unfounded. In other words, this data should not be construed as official statistics.

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