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Monday, December 4, 2023

Short KISD Board Meeting – Agenda Approved

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PROCLAMATIONS:?A proclamation were issued to KHS Sophomore Blake Bunnell who made his second appearance at the UIL State Swim Meet representing the high school. ?Proclamations were also issued to the KHS Lady Kats and their coaches for their 2nd place finish in the state playoffs.?

CORRESPONDENCE: ?none {{more}}

PUBLIC COMMENTS:?One person spoke, Lisa Richardson. Speaking on behalf of the Kennedale PTA she requested that the KISD Board approve a $1500 expenditure for the After Prom Party which is held by the PTA to provide seniors a safe supervised way to spend time with their friends. ?This year it will be at the Putt-Putt in Hurst.

CONSENT AGENDA: All items approved without discussion

  • Approval of Minutes
  • Financial Statement
  • Bills Payable
  • Report of Tax Assessor Collector
  • Resolution for amended Cafeteria Plan for employee benefits


Discuss and consider donation of funds for the “Wasted Program” – $2500 approved

Discuss and consider donation of funds for “Rachel’s Challenge” – $5000 approved

Discuss and consider donation of funds for the “After Prom Party” – $1500 approved
??????????????? (Each of these items require the current budget to be amended to reflect the expenditures).?

First reading of TASB Policy Update 96, affecting local policies (see attached list) DEC(LOCAL): COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS – LEAVES AND ABSENCES EFAA(LOCAL): INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS – SELECTION AND ADOPTION FEB(LOCAL): ATTENDANCE – ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTING (Policy changes require three readings and can be approved on the third reading. Next month will be the second reading).
Resignations/retirements – four were reported by position, high school special education teacher, high school social studies teacher, high school spanish teacher and 2nd grade teacher at Delaney
Hiring of personnel – none
Superintendent’s Report
  • Intent to apply for Academic Center for Excellence Grant – this is a Title 1 grant that would fund after school tutorials and enrichment program at Patterson, Delaney and Kennedale High School. ?It is a very competitive and only about 2% of schools get the funding. ?If the district receives the grant it would be worth almost 1 million.?
  • Enrollment Update – Using same day comparsions, KISD has had an increase of 33 students with an enrollment of 3154. Brief discussion of the need to consider options for Delaney which has reached 800 students. ?It was agreed that it will be put on next month’s agenda.

Board Discussion

  • Discuss Upcoming Meetings and Dates:?Next meeting set for April 18th, at 7 p.m.
see the video of the meeting at

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