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Monday, December 4, 2023

Silence is Golden

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Like a bad penny, it just will not go away.

On Friday night on ABC?s 20/20, a sad tale was revisited once again. People have a morbid fascination with the weird, the bizarre and the guilt-ridden. Thus, we have the ?Terminator? writing his true confessions, baring his sole on television and in print. Somehow, with this he expects to win his true love back again? And now we have the unfortunate saga of the Kennedale teacher exposed to the world once again, but not the first time and not the last thanks, to the world-wide internet. (In this article I don?t mention names lest I add to their status).

There used to be a saying ?Silence is golden?. How quaint and how early last century and how far remove from today?s world. These public confessors say they are expressing their regrets, but almost always, they are defending their actions and want us to believe that they are just like you and I. Here is the danger of the 24-7 {{more}}interactive world. We see these strange events and people and it seems like that they are everywhere and that maybe we are just like them. The fact remains that there are millions of people in the State of Texas and millions more across the United States. These millions of us live normal lives. We have a strong sense of right and wrong. We know that these things are not normal and they are wrong. We need to celebrate this or at least remember that we are the normal and the sane and that there is nothing wrong with that.

What is sad that the few make wrecks of their lives and hurt those around them. And, being a little selfish, the teachers of Kennedale (actually everywhere) are tarred with this particular incident. Any reference of this in the media is not as a residence of Arlington but as a teacher in Kennedale. If any apologies are made, one should be to co-workers who will forever be linked with this incident. I do believe in forgiveness but it helps when discretion and humility are evident.

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