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Storywriters needed

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The Kennedale

News is needing individuals who would be willing to contribute a story or more. Contributors could write a single article or make contributions on a regular basis.? Topics are open.?{{more: continue …}}

… variety of subjects or interest?
The subject

could be on a club, organization, committee or commission in which you are

involved. It could be a local youth

organization or church group. It could

be on an upcoming event or on a recent event that you attended.

Maybe, you have a high school or junior high sport that you follow and that you could

supply scores, updates, standings and photos.

… human interest?

You may

know some local human interest stories that involve successes or milestones or just

“remember when stories.?? It could be updates on former KHS graduates or people who have lived through a historic period.

… need a new hobby or want to report on one?
Like to eat out, go to movies or travel alot – there are stories there.?
… good just for one story or??

Maybe, you

are good for just one story, something that you think is interesting and want

to share. Or, maybe you would like to report regularly on your particular subject.

If you are

interested in keeping the Kennedale News going, email Tim Smith at smith5270@sbcglobal.net. Just mention what

you are wanting to do or send a story along.

… give it a try??

Stories or

articles would be subject to editing and approval but don?t be

intimidated. Give it a try, you may find

that you really enjoy it.

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