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Saturday, December 3, 2022

TCC notes passing of popular teacher

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Well-liked SE instructor dies from heart attack

By ? Dylan Leverett

SE adjunct history instructor Alfred Grotz died of a sudden heart attack Nov. 15. {{more}}

The 66-year-old was well liked by students on campus, according to SE history department chair Jennifer Lawrence.

?He was their favorite teacher, and they wanted to take [his class] in the spring,? she said.

Grotz had retired from Kennedale High School in 2013 but continued teaching classes at TCC, Arlington High School and Mansfield High School.

?He was a very kind man,? Lawrence said. ?We?re all surprised and saddened to hear of his passing.?

In an email, former department chair Linda Frazier described Grotz?s personality and teaching style.

?Al Grotz was a born teacher. His enthusiasm for history was contagious, and his students were often infected with that same enthusiasm,? she wrote. ?He was dynamic in the classroom and used his sense of humor and personal experience to bring what is often a ?useless? subject to many students [and make it] relevant and important to their own lives.?

A former student, Hannah Reed, described how inspirational Grotz was in an email.

?He [was] a wonderful man, beautiful man and a teacher that opens worlds for a student,? she wrote. ?He suggests the portal, and it is there.?

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