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Tax Rate Same, Budget cut 2% School Board Holds the Line

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The KISD Board of Trustees, August 28, after a public hearing in which no one spoke, adopted a budget for the 2012-13 school year. With property values down 20%, the end of federal stimulus funds and smaller payments from the state, the Board had the choice of raising taxes or reducing the budget. They chose the latter. {{more}}

Last year?s estimated expenditures for the district were 29,203,036. This year expenditures are projected to be $28,624,020. The 2% reduction was accomplished by placing a hold on hiring for new positions while the district transferred teachers within the district to fill positions vacated by teachers retiring or leaving for other reasons. {{more}}The Board did put a priority on maintaining a raise for the staff, managing the equivalent of 2% raise for this school year. This was trade off with growing class sizes but something to help the employees who were faced with a health insurance premium increase of between 4 and 9%, depending on the level of coverage selected.

Across the state districts are facing the same dilemma in this second year of the biennial state?s education appropriations. There is some hope that the new legislative session which convenes in January will give relief to cash strapped school districts. See the 2012-13 budget here:


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