The Case of the Missing Wildcat Baffles Locals

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First it was Harriet now something has happened to the Wildcat?!

Harriet, the little girl reading a book in the middle of the roundabout at Sublett and Wildcat Way, went missing last fall. Kennedale was awash in rumors about her demise. Some felt that she had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom. Others thought she had just gotten tired of sitting around all day reading and left for a shadier locale. Whatever the case, {{more}}city workers discovered her sitting on the swings at Sonora Park not long after. She was reportedly safe and without a scratch or chip on her. No ransom paid.?
Now the wildcat!
It turns out to be simple case of mistaken identity. It seems a “panther” had been posing as a “wildcat” all these months. And by some accounts licking its lips as it peered down at Harriet. The true wildcat, however, showed up this week and with some help from city workers chased off the imposter and took his rightful place pointing the way to Wildcat Way and guarding Harriet.

Kennedale News is not sure where the panther is now. ?City Animal Control does insist that the panther will not bite and has had all his shots.

Full disclosure: There is some truth to the above story. Kennedale City Manager Bob Hart said that this had been planned for some time. The first statue arrived and was not what was ordered but was installed ?until it could be replaced. The replacement finally arrived and city workers made the change today.

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