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Town Hall Meeting: Unified Development Code

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  • Or what Kennedale will look like in the future
On Monday night, October 12, the City of Kennedale’s along with the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) will hold a Town Hall Meeting. The subject will be a Unified Development Code. With a title like that, it is not likely to get a crowd even if they are serving coffee and cookies – but it really should. {{more}}
If you plan rebuild or move to another part of town, if you want to open a business in Kennedale or if you want a small restaurant or coffee house and maybe a cleaners near you, this is the meeting for you. If you don’t like what is at the end of our street now of maybe you have some opinions on how Kennedale should look like in 10 years, again this is a meeting for you.
Normally going to a meeting of the P&Z does’t rate the excitement level of watching Dancing with the Stars. It has been compared to listening to paint dry. But, it is some of the most important work that a city government does and often is the most controversial.
The City of Kennedale wants to review, to bring up to date and rewrite, if need be, the building and zoning rules for the city. To do this the Kennedale has partnered with LSL Planning to create a Unified Development Code (UDC). Before the process of writing the code begins, the city wants your opinion in a number of areas:
  • This project and what you?d like to see come out of it
  • Personal stylistic preferences for new development
  • The appropriateness of the goals defined by the city?s Comprehensive Plan
The meeting is schedule for 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Monday, October 12th in the Council Chambers in City Hall at 405 Municipal Drive, Kennedale

And yes, there will be coffee and cookies at the meeting. Again those who are involved in this process really would like your opinion.

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