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UIL Academic Winners Move on to Regional Meet in Lubbock

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?Information submitted for this article by Jennifer Cook, KHS Academic Coordinator
? ? ?This past Saturday the KHS UIL Academic team traveled to Lake Worth High School for district 6-3A competition. The following students placed in their events. ?Kennedale had a total of 14 students who placed high enough to advance to Regionals (mark with asterik*). Regionals will be in Lubbock at Texas Tech April 19th and 20th. The KHS Computer Science team has won 5 years in a row. Congratulations to the KHS Academic 2013 Team. {{more}}

  • Blake Bunnel*?? 2nd place in Number Sense, 5th place in Calculator, 5th place in Math
  • Jonathan Shipman*?? 5th place in Number Sense, 3rd place in Informative Speaking
  • Grant Malone*?? 1st place in Ready Writing, 5th in Headline Writing
  • Cuillen Chastain-Howley*?? 1st place in Current Issues & Events, 1st in Persuasive Speaking
  • Blake Stroncek*?? 4th place in Current Issues & Events, 3rd place in Literary Criticism, 4th place in Headline Writing
  • Colton Watson*?? 2nd place in Current Issues & Events, 2nd place in Feature Writing, 2nd in Persuasive Speaking
  • Elaina Gonzales*?? 3rd place in Poetry
  • Andrew Conroy ? 4th place in Informative Speaking
  • Isabelle Erickson*?? 1st place in Literary Criticism, 1st place in Computer Science
  • Vanessa Stahl*?? 4th place in Literary Criticism, 1st place in Editorial Writing, 3rd place in Headline Writing
  • Cody Kovar*?? 3rd place in News Writing, 5th in Persuasive Speaking
  • Jasmine Munoz ? 6th place in News Writing
  • Theresa Dinh*?? 1st place in Science, Top Biology, 2nd highest in Physics, 2nd place in Computer Science
  • Bianca Colette ? 6th place in Feature Writing
  • Tyler Ward*?? 3rd place in Computer Science
  • Danny To ? 5th place in Computer Science
  • Hina Ajaz ? 6th place in Editorial Writing
  • Terrance Bernard*?? 2nd place in Prose
  • Kayla Marshall ? 6th place in Prose
  • Elias Noorzad, Blake Bunnel, and Jonathan Shipman ? 2nd place team in Calculator
  • Elias Noorzad, Blake Bunnel, and Jonathan Shipman ? 2nd place team in Number Sense
  • Cuillen Chastain-Howley*, Blake Stroncek*, and Colton Watson*?? 1st place team in Current Issues & Events
  • Isabelle Erickson*, Grant Malone*, Vanessa Stahl*, and Blake Stroncek*?? 1st place team in Literary Criticism
  • Theresa Dinh, Ethan Duran, Samantha Randolph, Perri Chastain-Howley, Son Nguyen, and Madison Schulze ? 2nd place team in Science
  • Theresa Dinh*, Isabelle Erickson*, Danny To* and Tyler Ward*?? 1st place team in Computer Science

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