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“We are good at what we do” Kennedale Chiropractic is open for business

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Kennedale Chiropractic opened doors this summer at 405 W Kennedale Parkway in Kennedale.
Kennedale News recently did an interview with Dr. George Bobbitt, one of the owners of Kennedale Chiropractic. {{more}}
Bobbitt told the Kennedale News that he is excited about adding the clinic. This is a second location and compliments the much larger Mansfield Chiropractic Center which has been operation for 10 years.
?We opened up in the summer in a traditionally slow time of the year but in three months we are doing well.”
Dr. George Bobbitt
Bobbitt, who has been in practice for 15 years, started in a small clinic in Bonham, Texas before opening the Mansfield Chiropractic Center with Glenda Tiller ten years ago. That practice has grown to a staff of 20.
He and Tiller have been active in Kennedale for a number of years as members of the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce and more recently on the Kennedale Education Foundation.
Dr. William Hardwick from the Mansfield Center has joined him in the Kennedale Clinic.
Dr. Bobbitt sees chiropractic services as part of a holistic approach to an individual health. ?The body can heal itself, given the power or the opportunity to heal from the inside out,? said Bobbitt. He believes that chiropractic services promote that healing process.
?Medical doctors are great at what they do. We are great at what we do. And together we help.?
He said that there are chiropractors who do a lot of the same things as medical doctors because the training is similar but he said that he is ?comfortable working with just the spine, the muscles and the nerves.
?We do refer out. If I can?t help you, I want to get someone who can,? said Bobbitt. He added, ?I am humble enough to know that there are things that I can do and there are some things that I can?t.?
Bobbitt sees chiropractic services as part of a larger pie in dealing with health and physical conditions and that “pie” has many components. He said that general medicine is part of the pie along with nutrition, spiritual and mental components.
He said, ?I want to look at the cause of the problem and treat that and not just focus on the symptoms. We like to work on a corrective basis and want to see people frequently so we can handle the issue that brings someone in and all the issues that have led up to that.”
?We ask upfront if they have any fears about seeing a chiropractic, and they mostly say no..?
“When a patient comes we will spend 20 25 minutes in consult determining first off is the condition something that we deal with. Then as we talk we figure out what they have and what else is going on, sometimes there are underlying issues that they didn?t think that was related to what we could fix.
Then we put together what they have said, what their x-rays say and the examination data and we figure out what can be done appropriately for them. Generally, we don?t treat the patient that day. We send them home and then we evaluate what we have. The next day we share that with them. If it makes sense to them then ok and most people are good with that. They get what we are saying. We try to acknowledge whatever they say is hurting and fix that and if we give them more help with other things that’s great.
If the patient is new, we ask upfront if they have any fears about seeing a chiropractor and they mostly say no, but they don?t know what we do. They think crack backs but they have no idea what we really do. We do a lot of education so that they can make a decision but rarely is there ever a problem.”
?Our most common issue we deal with is back pain, next is neck and third is headaches and migraines.?
Bobbitt said that they do athletic injury, car accidents and personal injury but “that is not the bulk of our business. Our target market is probably ages 35-70. Our most common issue we deal with is back pain, next is neck and third is headaches and migraines. After that are digestive issues and sinus and allergy issues. We help people relieve those without medicine or surgeries.”
“Next in line is sleep problems, which is really huge. A lot of Americans are not sleeping well and they don?t know why. We are over-medicating but that is dealing with the symptoms and not the cause. We also deal with specific issues like numbness or tingling in the arms or legs and repetitive issues like carpal tunnel. So there is a lot of variety.?
Kennedale Chiropractic is open 4 days a week Monday through Thursday. Hours are 8 a.m. ? 12 noon and 2 p.m. ? 6 p.m. Insured and non-insured clients welcomed.

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