Who Is Tougher than a Tiger? A Wildcat

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The Kennedale Wildcats met Texarkana Texas High School on a neutral field (Lindale) Friday night(Sept 28)and tamed the Tigers early.

After spotting Texas High an early touchdown, Kennedale scored 15 unanswered points in the 1st quarter with two touchdowns (one extra point blocked) and a safety. The safety came when Texarkana was called for holding in their end zone. The score at the end of the 1st quarter was 15-7 Kennedale. The second quarter was again controlled by the Wildcats with a field goal kick, and another touchdown with 30 seconds left in the half. Score 25-7 Kennedale at halftime.

The Wildcats did not score in the second-half but kept the lead by allowing the Tiger only two field goals. Texas High did have several good chances to score more points, but the Kennedale defense came up big. After Texas High had made a fourth quarter field goal, Kennedale fumbled to the Tigers on the Wildcat 9 yard line. But the Tigers fumbled right back on their first play. Kennedale took over on the 4 yard line but was unable to move the ball. A Kennedale punt from deep in the end zone travelled only to the Kennedale 18 yard line. The Tigers had an excellent chance to come within 5 points of the Cats with over 5 minutes left in the game, but ended up losing yards. After a fourth down dropped pass by the Tigers, Kennedale?s offense took over the game and the clock. Keeping the ball the final four minutes of the game.

Final score 25-13 Kennedale.

Game Summary:

Kennedale had a total of 383 yards on offense, rushing the ball 53 times for 343 yards, throwing the ball 5 times with three receptions and 40 yards and 2 interceptions, made 16 first downs, fumbled twice losing one, and had 5 penalties for 40 yards.

Texas High had a total of 195 offensive yards, rushing the ball 23 times for 93 yards, throwing the ball 16 times with 9 receptions and 102 yards and no interceptions, made 8 first downs, fumbles were 3-1, and had 55 yards on 8 penalties.

Rushing Stats – Kennedale: Juwan Washington, 25-216. Donny Darville, 10-45. Trey Williams, 6-42. Zac Michener, 8-22. Jake Michener, 1-14. Isaiah Revelle, 1-4. Texas High: Javon Thomas, 9-69. Tre Walker, 9-41. Clete Norton, 5-17.

Passing Stats ? Kennedale: Zac Michener, 3-5-0-40. Texas High: Clete Norton, 9-15-0-102. Tre Walker, 0-1-0-0.

Receiving Stats – Kennedale: Zac Michener, 2-31. Dalton Vondra, 1-9. Texas High: Tre Walker, 6-84. Jarion Anderson, 2-20. Marion Daniels, 1-2.

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