If you are 65 and older living in Kennedale you may be jumped to the head of the line for a COVID shot

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Tarrant County has been concerned about the recent surge of those contracting the COVID-19 virus. In studying the data, there were 10 Zip codes that were identified as the hardest hit. One of the 10 is the 76060 area which includes Kennedale.

As a result, the county will prioritize vaccinating people in the target areas. The 10 Zip codes identified are 76177, 76131, 76179, 76040, 76054, 76164, 76182, 76118, 76180 and 76060. If you are 65 and older or have an underlying health condition and live in these Zip codes, you will be jumped to the front of the line, according to Vinny Taneja, Tarrant County Public Health Director.

As of Tuesday, 45,000 people have been vaccinated in the county with about 290,000 eligible for the vaccine. Tarrant county itself is considered the epicenter in Texas for the virus over the past several weeks.

Pass on this information …

You are encouraged to pass this information on to those you know might qualify. Some may need assistance in registering. Everyone must register before obtaining a vaccination.

Register today here. This link will take you directly to the Tarrant County registration site. Scroll down the page to see the registration link. Once registered you will be sent a confirmation.

Source: Tarrant County

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