Rev James Adeyeye is husband to Abosede Eunice and is founding pastor of Revival Worship Center in Kennedale, TX.
Rev James Adeyeye

Isaiah 55:11 (NKJV) So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper [in the thing] for which I sent it.

Life is a battle that can be fought and won though we war against its ups and downs trying to maintain a winning balance at least. Many are in bondage and continue to struggle because of their mindset and what they confess. The solution to every human problems lies in the Word of God. Kenneth Copeland said, “If you’ll hit the devil with the Word and cast the care of the situation over on God, you’ll win.”

You have been equipped with the infallible, powerful, life changing Word of God described also as the Sword of the Spirit. Everyone in a fight has a tool to defend and fight with when in a battle. Make the Word of God your weapon for warfare and victory. I am confident that you will win if used with faith. Meaning, you must believe in the Word of God like you do sitting comfortably on a chair or driving your car, or like you make plans for tomorrow in confidence that you will live to fulfil your plans. The Word can only work for us if we believe that what is confessed will surely happen.

Remember, God spoke the Word to create the world and everything in it (Genesis 1:3-15). Jesus also overcame Satan by the Word. You can be sure of your victory as well. Start reading the Bible. Know it and believe it. Use your faith and the word of God to your advantage. God gave us his word to profit us. The Word of God is strong and mighty. The Word is sharper than a two edged sword. The Word heals, and sets captives free.

So, each time you are confronted by issues from the pit of hell, use your SWORD 🗡 (God’s Word). Then, you can teach others to fight and win like yourself. Use the Word to change situations in and around you. God’s Spirit will only respond to the Word spoken in faith. Use the Word!

Have a blessed day and a blissful week!

Devotion by James Adeyeye of Voices of Revival Ministries Inc & Revival Worship Center. 2021