Press Release From The Campaign of Adrian Mizher United States Congress

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My name is Adrian Mizher and I am running for Congress from District 6 here in Texas.  My campaign is going to be about just one thing.  Shrinking the size of the federal government back to within its Constitutionally limited boundaries.  I am in love with this country.  Its divinely inspired founding principles, enshrined in our wonderful Declaration of Independence, followed by the Constitution that stands upon those principles are guidelines for which we can thank The Almighty for blessing us with.  We are blessed to receive this heritage and great comforts and opportunities it has provided for us.  And yet, for at least the better part of 60 years we have been moving away from those principles which have given us so much.  A dangerous ideology has infiltrated our land, and spread like a cancer.  This ideology is Leftism.  Or Statism.  Or Collectivism.  Or Progressivism.  Or many other words.  But they all mean the same thing, which is an anti-American ideology that takes away our freedoms and liberties, steals our wealth through burdensome and complicated taxation, and just in general ruins everything it touches.  The tentacles of the federal government have reached into nearly every corner of our lives, and I want to dedicate myself to reversing that trend.  My campaign, and time in office, will be spent tirelessly working to reduce the size, scope, and power of Washington, D.C. And that is most effectively done by reducing the amount of money taken in and spent by the federal government.  Even if a candidate has the right ideas about all other issues, but is not willing to expend all energy towards the shrinking of the federal budget, they are not valuable to the citizens.  Without putting the federal government back within its Constitutional limitations, all other efforts will be for naught in the end.  I pledge to the voters of TX-06 to never lose sight of this most important goal, and to never stop talking about it in an effort to convince others to join us in working towards that direction.  I would be honored to have your vote and serve you in Congress.

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