Kennedale Junior High Students Study the Life and Legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Social Studies and Reading classes combined recently at Kennedale Junior High School to study the life and legacy of United States President John F. Kennedy. In a creative and instructive manner, students rotated through various stations at which posters were displayed with topics designed to help students learn history, but also identify the main idea of a narrative, discussing the author’s purpose, and text structures. Navigating the Gallery Walk, students were paired to keep a learning conversation instituted, and also to keep students’ interests. At the end of the unit, students will research and find evidence to support theories on the assassination of President Kennedy. This unit joins with the process of encouraging students to read newspaper articles, pictures, video clips and more about stated lessons. Special congratulations to Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Chaves, who collaborated to increase student exposure to informational texts in a creative overlapping of Social Studies and Reading.


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