September 23, 2020

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Hello KISD,

We are very excited about having our students back and learning with us in person on September 24th. As we near our students returning to the classrooms, we need to ensure that parents and guardians are informed on the expectations and protocols that are in place to ensure that we are able to continue in person learning.

You should have received a blackboard notification verifying which learning option you selected for your student on Monday. Students will remain in their learning environment until the end of the nine-weeks. If you plan on changing your student’s learning environment at the end of the first nine weeks, you will need to inform your child’s campus and go into Parent Portal to make the change between October 5 -16.

Students, parents, and guardians returning on September 24th need to review the new safety protocols and procedures lined out in our video we created for this purpose available on our website. You will also need to review the information outlined by your student’s campus as they will have specific information you will need for the first day at school. We also ask that you address personal hygiene, etiquette, and proper hand washing routines with your student prior to them coming to school. They may want to have their own hand sanitizer they carry with them, especially if they have allergies to common hand sanitizer.

We need for you to perform symptom assessments and temperature checks daily to ensure that your student is feeling well enough to attend school. If they or anyone in the household is feeling ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19, do not send them to school that day and please notify your campus.

At this point in time, most students probably already have a mask of choice so please send it with them daily. If they do not have a mask, one will be made available to them. Students will be required to wear their mask as they move about the building and when social distancing is not able to be maintained. They will need their mask with them every day. 

We ask that if possible, you drop your student at school instead of having them ride the bus. If they have to ride the bus, they will need to wear a mask for the duration of time they are on the bus. They will also be seated by a seating chart to maintain as much distance as possible. Members of the same household will be seated together when possible.

Students will need to have their own water to carry with them throughout the day. Please send a labeled bottle with your student as water fountains will be shut off throughout the buildings.

Campuses will remain more restricted and all visitors will need to set appointments ahead of time in order to conduct school related business. We have put numerous mitigating protocols in place in anticipation of our students coming back in person. We need your help and support to ensure that our campuses remain open for our students. 

It’s a great day to be a Wildcat!

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Chad Gee

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