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As the class of 2025 nears the end of our Jr. High career we are preparing for high school in many different ways.  This column, “Follow our Four”, will allow you to follow us into high school and watch our successes and struggles. BUT FIRST let’s finish 2021 as strong and courageous 8th graders!

Many parents are wondering about the relevance of the STAAR test this year. TEA is requiring students to take it in person, however for the first time ever, people are allowed to opt out of it. Speaking from a student perspective, how can one accurately measure the entire student body’s progression throughout the year if only half of the kids attempt the test? Although discouraged not to, many kids are actually planning on it. This test is not only tiresome, but beyond stressful. Throughout the whole year teachers are preparing us for this. We have one chance to prove that we are ready, and that’s by 60 questions for each subject. This test indeed has many rules, so please feel free to submit questions to [email protected].

Aside from that, I would like to boast about Kennedale’s administration. It’s not often you find a group of extremely talented and well-trained adults who truly act on the best interest of their students. I have learned a lot here and have been granted many amazing opportunities. But there are two individuals, in particular whom I would like to talk about more than just a brief overview. In 6th grade, at James A. Arthur, we had a new principal come into our school who goes by the name Cari Clark. She was willing to make changes in order to make our intermediate experience more pleasing to the students. The other is our current principal at the Junior high, Reginald Rhines, who’s work ethic for the school is remarkable. I have made many suggestions for the school, and he was open to present them to the school board and actually made them happen. He also recommended me to be in the Student Advisory Administration, where I was able to speak directly to the superintendent on a regular basis.

To end this segment, I would like to introduce myself so you know a little bit of my background. My name is Taylor, and I’m about to start high school. I am a member of the Student Adversary Council, (as I just mentioned). I am vice president of the theatre club, a member of the honors band in which I play the French horn and have met many wonderful musicians. I played Volleyball all through Jr High with a fantastic team and coach.  I am looking forward to high school and I will have many outlets to provide inside information to you as the class of 2025 experiences high school together. From fishing and hunting to volleyball and dancing, I invite you to follow our four years.

 Taylor Cowling

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