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KJHS Campus as a precaution returns to virtual learning until November 30th.

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The following article contains information from a letter released Wednesday, November 11, 2020 by Kennedale Junior High School in the Kennedale Independent School District.

Yesterday, KJHS Principal Reggie Rhines notified parents/guardians, staff, and students that the campus would be closed temporarily to in-person instruction and would return to virtual learning for a short period of time. Students are expected to keep their daily class schedule by checking-in on-line with their teachers at the beginning of each class period and follow the daily classroom instruction.

Students to miss only 7 in-person days …

As set up, the campus shut-down would only effect seven (7) in-class instructional days because the five-day Thanksgiving Break (November 23-27) falls during the closure.

Rhine wrote, “Late this afternoon, under the authority of the Texas Education Agency and in close collaboration with the Tarrant County Public Health Department (TCPH), KJHS was moved to an all-remote learning environment for the health and safety of our students and staff on the campus,” wrote Rhines wrote in his letter on Wednesday.

Closing is only for the junior high campus …

The letter goes on to specify that the closing of the KJHS campus involves only that school and does not involve any other KISD campus or facility. And, while it also means no extra-curricular activities, including sports, for Kennedale Junior High, it does not apply to on-going activities at other campuses.

Rhines cites the reasons for a temporary move to on-line learning as follows …

“For the past several weeks, we have been monitoring the number of lab-confirmed positive cases among KJHS students and staff, as well as the number of close contacts being sent into quarantine. Additionally, of the individuals in quarantine, currently, 10 of those are teachers or staff members. Finding substitutes for every absent teacher is challenging. Based on these and other specific factors, it was determined that returning KJHS to a fully remote environment is the most prudent course of action at this time.”

Reminds that there were many things considered that were specific to just KJHS

“It is important for our KISD community to know that every situation regarding COVID-19 cases and quarantines is unique on each individual campus. Many factors are considered, including the number of active positives, number of close contacts, ability to confidently contact trace, ability to effectively staff classrooms and reduce disruptions to the learning environment, knowledge of external situations that could contribute to spread, and other details. This means that a decision to return one campus to fully remote does not mean it is the most appropriate approach for another campus. We have a team dedicated to monitoring the COVID-19 impact closely and continuously on each of our campuses. Additionally, we work closely with Tarrant County Public Health on every case that is reported to us and coordinate decisions with them based on the specific facts surrounding each individual situation and each individual campus.”

Ask for the cooperation of all in KISD, reminding those exposed or test positive to stay home …

“As we continue operating with the realities of the COVID-19 environment, we ask for your partnership in protecting the health and safety of our KISD family. If you have received a lab-confirmed positive test or have been notified that you or your child are a close contact, please stay home from all activities, even those outdoors and in the community,” Rhines continues.

“I want to reiterate that our priority is to make the safest decisions for our students and staff while also ensuring the most effective environment for students to learn. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation as we all work to provide a healthy, safe, and inspiring learning community.”

Extensive deep cleaning …

The campus will undergo extensive deep cleaning and disinfection according to COVID-19 guidelines before the students and staff return on Monday, November 30.

Resources for Covid-19 data …

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