Spelling Bee Championship at James F. Delaney selects top school spellers

Homeroom Spelling Bee Champions at Delaney Elementary

It was the championship round of the school spelling bee contest at James F. Delaney Elementary last week.

It was something that would light up the eyes of the school’s namesake, most commonly known as Mr. D. He loved contests, as an old coach would. Yet, he love it just as much, if not more, if it was an academic contest. He was well known to stop at random individual students in the hallway or cafeteria and ask them to spell a word or do a math problem.

He certainly would have been excited as homerooms for grades 2-5 held spelling bees over the past weeks and crowned their own champions. Last week those 23 homeroom champions came together to determine the top schoolwide champions for 2023.

Congratulations to the top three JFD spelling bee winners.

🥉3rd place – Aidyn (3rd grade)
🥈2nd place – Scott (5th grade)
🥇1st place – Vincent (5th grade)