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This Weeks Notes – 6-27-21

Our hearts are the strongest and wisest aspects of our nature. They are also the softest and the most vulnerable as well. Because life can be difficult, our hearts may become encrusted with feelings of disillusionment, and fear. They could become stained with sorrow and beliefs that cause us to doubt ourselves. Even if our lives have been pretty smooth, we may have gathered a little dust along the way.

But the Spirit moves more freely through a clear heart, we must find ways to clean our heart. We can best tap into our heart energy when we cleanse our hearts. If we do that, we will provide a passage through which God’s love can flow that is totally and fully open and unobstructed.

Take a few moments of quiet time. Meditate on your heart its feeling and desires. It can be before you fall asleep or upon arising in the morning. Gently perform a heart check. Close your eyes, then place your hands over your heart and tell your heart that you love it. It may seem awkward at first but try it anyway. Sincerely say to your heart, thank you for your and absolute faithfulness. Next, see or sense the condition of your heart. Trust yourself and your wise intuition and whatever appears is the perfect symbol for you at the present time. Does it feel clear? Does it feel clean? If not, ask yourself what you can do right now to heal and cleanse your heart. Acknowledge and honor the answer. It may seem strange, but embrace it and repeat it to yourself. 
Meditate on God’s Word daily. Your heart will appreciate your care and love.

We thank God for all of you being a part of service and love to our community.
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“I don’t know how, but i know WHO!”
Grace and Peace, Pastor Nelda

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