Press Release by: Josh Altom City Council Place 1

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Hello All, First, if you’ve taken the time to watch the Kennedale News coffee chat between my opponent and myself, I would like to say, ‘THANK YOU!’, and I appreciate your support.  I hope you were able to educate yourself on our subtle differences. I believe anyone who serves their community has a huge heart.  It is a very special calling that not many will step up and step out to fulfill.

 I would also like to personally thank anyone who serves or has served your/our community. As I had mentioned in my opening statement in the video, two years ago I ran to help be the calm in the storm that took place almost every council meeting. The council two years ago rarely accomplished any positive movement forward because of the continued disagreements, and their meetings would even last past midnight at times. In fact, my opponent, supported me as well as did her strong following. Well, time has passed and here we are again, yet this time, my opponent who supported me two years ago has now decided to run against me, I believe mainly because she disagrees with some of the options for growth that I have approved.  And she says accountability and taxes, which you’ll see in the video I don’t condone or like the tax increase, but past council created a destructive path which made the increase absolutely necessary to support the city budget needs. 

In the video series, you will also notice that my opponent tends to lean against or stands strongly against growth. I feel like she blames or attempts to find out who she can blame for anything she disagrees on and that does not provide city progression, it provides conflict and a static city for us all.   She even seems to be contradictory on some issues in this coffee chat.  For instance, she most certainly disagreed on the income based apartments, however, now she says she’s in full support? Kennedale has taken huge strides in the past two years and we have good forward momentum right now.   I, whole heartedly, believe if my opponent does get elected the City of Kennedale will forced to take a huge step back, and our council will once again be filled with animosity and conflict and unable to make any progress.  

I understand we may disagree but ultimately the citizens of Kennedale are the ones who are impacted. I urge you to look closely at the character, integrity, and thoughts of progression for Kennedale in which each candidate running for an office of City Council stands for or portrays. 

Guys, the City of Kennedale’s growth and progression depends on it! I really try to always look at the positives in everything and I truly believe I’m so blessed to live here in Kennedale and I am very blessed to be called to serve. My only request, and it’s the most important thing you can do for me and for our community….PLEASE VOTE. 

It’s very important that you take advantage of one of your most crucial rights given in the United States of America, you must vote.  And, of course, I hope you vote for me but no matter who you support, please rock your vote.

God Bless you all! Josh Altom, City of Kennedale Place 1

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