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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Wilda’s Wisdom

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I was reading the magazine Countryside and  enjoyed an article by Dr. Dean Abbott, “The dreaded MGD has struck my wife”.  He was concerned as the condition seemed to be worsening.  She was showing more interest in aphids, ladybugs and animal poop than the author thought was healthy.  

Her interest in magazines whose middles unfold to reveal glossy pictures of chickens, was disconcerting.  Symptoms of Mad Gardener Disease (MGD) are extensive with the worst onslaught happening in the Spring.  MGD affects the entire family.  The sufferer will ask family members to be enablers of the disease, ie. dig, plant, fertilize, weed, harvest. 

Dr. Abbott did acknowledge, however, that Fall tends to be the best time of year for MGD victims and their families.  The tables are heaped with the bounty of their work. 

Wilda Turner is a Tarrant County Master Gardener and Commissioner on Keep Kennedale Beautiful City Board.

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