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Don’t give in and don’t give up.  Easier said than done isn’t it.  It doesn’t work in politics or with your spouse or with an unpleasant driver on the freeway.  Compromise is usually the best remedy.  But not with your garden!!!

August is every gardener’s least favorite month.  High temperatures and little or no rain is tough to deal with.  So what do you do?  Don’t give in and don’t give up is the answer.  Every August I second guess my quest for success.  What was I thinking back in April?  Did I really need to plant so many purple cone flowers and black foot daisies?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  So now I have them and they are struggling.  Well so am I!

Then I tell myself “get over it”.  Get out there and take care of them.  A little extra effort in August will get your garden through until cooler weather and some rain will take over.  Remember to observe the water restrictions but you can use a hose to water anytime.  Now, get over it and don’t give in and don’t give up.

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