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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wilda’s Wisdom

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Every year at this time I decide I’m giving up.  I’m not going to garden anymore.  I’ve planted, watered, fertilized and pampered plants long enough.  And do they show any appreciation?  Nooooo, they look tired and wilted.  They look something like me.  So now what do I do to get out of the summer blahs?  Well, I took a walk through my garden and saw that the Cannas are still blooming as are the black/blue Salvias.  The milk weed plants are putting on a show and there are butterflies flitting all around.  I’m beginning to perk up!  Maybe things aren’t as depressing as I thought.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Wilda Turner is a Tarrant County Master Gardener and Commissioner on Keep Kennedale Beautiful City Board.

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