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Aldi set to open June 30

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A grand opening has been scheduled for the ALDI at 5045 Little School Road, behind Chili?s, next to Murphy USA and across the street from WalMart SuperCenter. This will add another grocery option as the super market wars continue in the local area. {{more:[Full Story]}}
ALDI has set Thursday, June 30 as the date for the grand opening. Although it may open before that date with a ?soft opening? giving the store a chance to train staff and to make sure the all the new store kinks are worked out. Store hours will be 9 to 9 every day.
The store is now advertising for help. Staring hourly rate is $12 hourly. You can apply online at employment


grand opening specials and give aways …

Opening day specials will include a chance to win a ?Golden Ticket? worth up to $100 but you will have to be one of the first 100 shoppers to be eligible. There is also a chance to win free produce for a year. There will be free samples and special sales. Free ALDI Eco-Friendly bags will be available while supplies last.
ALDI is just the latest to join an increasingly crowded grocery store market which is a boon to the local resident. Resident now can choose from WalMart Supercenter, two Albertsons (I-20/Little Road & 287/Sublett), Sprouts (I-20/Green Oaks) and a soon to be built Kroger across the street from the Albertson at 287/Sublett.
According to real estate developers, it is roof-tops that drive commercial business development and the still hot Southwest Arlington/Kennedale housing market is catching a lot of attention. Witness the quick development of the northern entrance to Kennedale at B287/I-20. In the last several years QT, Popeyes, Burger King and now McDonalds (coming this summer) have popped up.
limited choice but simple shopping on just five aisles or less ?
You don?t come to ALDI expecting a huge store with lots of choices and long aisles. You come if you want a simple, fast shopping experience with lower cost. You bag your own groceries. You put a quarter deposit on the use of a shopping cart which is returned to you (by machine) when the cart is put back in the rack.
It calls itself a no frills grocery store where store shelves are lined with the most popular food items under the ALDI brand, saying that the quality meets or exceeds the national brands on taste, quality and price. There is no banking, pharmacy or check cashing operation.
making a big push into the Texas market …
ALDI is a fast growing ?discounter? grocery chain that started in Germany in 1961 and now has more than 1,500 stores in 34 states and is making a big push into the Texas market. Find out more at ALDI or visit ALDI



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