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Beware of coyotes!

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Attention Pet Owners:

Richter Animal Hospital on Sublett Road in Arlington warns residents to beware of coyotes. Sightings of the same coyote in the nearby Spring’s neighborhood have been reported. Sadly, this may be the same coyote who attacked a family’s dog off of Calendar and Wedstone.

“The coyote jumped a 7-ft wooden fence and attacked a Jack Russell terrier in it’s own backyard.” Dani, a Richter Animal Hospital employee, told us this afternoon via phone. {{more}}

“The owner heard yelping and ran outside. Once the coyote saw the owner he jumped back over the 7-ft fence,” she went on to explain.

The dog was sent into an emergency operation, but did not survive.

So, how can you keep your pets safe?

Richter Animals Hospital says this doesn’t mean you have lock your furry friends away, but you do need to be alert when they are outside. Coyotes are also more drawn to those animals that aren’t spayed or neutered. These pets have a certain scent when in heat that coyotes can easily pick up. (Just another great reason to neuter your animals!) Lastly, do NOT leave food outside your house. Morsels left behind are an open dinner invitation for coyotes.

Please keep a careful eye on pets this Mother’s Day weekend! If you see a coyote in your area let us know, so we can warn surrounding residents.

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