City wants a dinner conversation with you

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Want a free dinner Tuesday night? It is not a ?time share?spiel. It is a legitimate deal. {{more}}
Don?t expect steak and trimmings but the City of Kennedale is inviting Kennedale residents (including family members) to supper at no cost, Tuesday evening, January 27, 2015 at 6 p.m. in the Kennedale Library/Community Center, 316 West 3rd Street, Kennedale, TX 76060.
The trade-off is your opinion or advice.
The City is trying figure out what the citizens think the downtown area should look like in the future.
During the dinner, participants will be ask to visit with others at the same table and talk about changes that they would like to see, making notes on maps provided at each table.
Then the group will be shown photos of downtown areas (not Kennedale) and the participants will be asked to rate these by using the categories of ?love it?, ?can live with it? or ?hate it?.
This is a family friendly event and a great opportunity for all of family members, young and old, to be part of a hometown decision.
It is not designed to last long nor be high pressure, rather low key and conversational. It is hoped that residents will meet and greet new and old neighbors along with city leaders.
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