Crime Alert Issued by KPD

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Posted on: September 4, 2013

Crime Alert

A robbery occurred at 9:22 p.m. on 09-01-2013 in the 700 block of Indian Springs Trail. It was dispatched as a burglary in progress at a residence. On arrival the officers made contact with a husband and wife at the address. The wife reported that she came home from Walmart and closed the garage door as she exited her car. The door went back up and she closed it again as she went into the house. She went back to the garage a few minutes later to retrieve her purchases. She was confronted by a suspect believed to be a black male wearing a ski mask. The suspect had a knife and came towards the wife, causing her to scream. Her husband responded to the garage and saw the suspect. The suspect demanded the husband?s wallet and the wife?s purse, both of which he took with him. The suspect asked about other items and started to enter the home. He stopped when informed that children were home. The suspect then left in an unknown vehicle. ?{{more}}

The suspect is described as light skin-toned black male with dark eyes, 5?9? to 5?11?, wearing a multi-colored ski mask. He was armed with a black handled knife that was approximately 5? long.

This is the only offense of this type we have experienced in recent history for Kennedale. We don?t believe there is reason for concern at this time that there will be a repeat offense but residents should always be alert to what is going on around them. Here are some suggestions.

? Watch for vehicles that appear to be following you, especially from shopping trips.
? Look for person(s) who are loitering around your home or property as you pull into your driveway. If you see something or someone that looks suspicious, pull down the block and contact police immediately by dialing 911.
? If you suspect someone may be following you, do not drive home. Drive around the block, or drive to the nearest police station. If you prefer, call 911 and let the police operator send an officer to your location. Suspects will usually leave once they see a potential victim is aware of them and notifying police. It is about being alert and aware.
? If you are confronted by a suspect, do as they say and give them whatever they demand.
? DO NOT get into a car with them and allow them to drive you away. Suspects will usually be satisfied with property but if they try to escalate the event, make as much noise as you can to attract attention from neighbors.

There are number of web sites available that deal with tips on personal and home safety. We recommend that residents review some of these and pick up pointers for safety that they are comfortable with. As always, if anyone has questions they can call the police department and we will assist in any way possible. Thanks.

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