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Monday, May 29, 2023

It Happens Every Four Years

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This is the 57th time the United States has gone through a presidential inauguration. It is the 17th time for a second inauguration for a president-elect. It is a moment under the U.S. Constitution that marks an important transition in government of the country. It marks the swearing-in the President and Commander of Chief to represent the leader of the nation, but it also starts the clock running. No matter how popular or how disliked, each president elected is on a time clock that winds down. For some there is a second rewind but for all there is the final tick and a new leader becomes the next Commander of Chief of the United States of America. President Obama?s election was a history making event, but for him and for any president, it is his chance to make it more than just an event.
The American people have elected a Democrat to lead the nation but have returned a Republican control House. It means no one is going to have their way completely and it does mean that there will be compromise and give and take on both sides. This is exactly the way the writers of the American constitution envisioned it.
It will be an interesting 4 years.

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