It ‘s Valentine Day!

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Source: The Christian Science Monitor, John Yemma
There is only a thin thread that ties Valentine’s Day to its ancient origins. Yes, there was a 5th century Christian martyr of that name, but his story is mostly the work of later mythmakers, and even they didn’t associate him with hearts and flowers.

Over the centuries, the idea of a day dedicated to love has had such appeal {{more}}that Valentine’s Day is now a nondenominational and increasingly global event. It is big in China, India and Iran. Spoilsports aren’t wrong when they scoff at the merchandising motive behind it. This is a major marketing moment for greeting card companies, confections, jewelers and restaurants.

You could also look at Valentine’s Day this way: There is now one day when the world pauses somewhat to acknowledge the importance of love.

Sure, its limited, romantic love. But it’s a start.

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