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KHS CTE Health Science students help protect the community

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This year, the KHS CTE Health Science program had one of it?s most successful years, with 12 of 13 high school students passing the Certified Nurse Assistant Certification test on their first attempt. {{more:? continue …}}
The CNA certificates helped many of the students land jobs in local health care facilities. Many of the students received job offers at the CNA graduation ceremony.??
For some these students, they now find themselves playing a vital role in protecting some of our community?s most fragile residents. During this time when there is a shortage of medical supplies and personnel, CNA students from the KHS CTE Health Science Practicum have been asked to ?step up? by working longer hours and being more vigilant in their efforts to protect residents in their care.
Hannah Malone, Sarah Jennings, Ashlee Macalik, and Audrey Helms are members of the Class of 2020 who earned their CNA Certifications, under the supervision of Chriss Burke, KHS CTE Health Science Teacher.
These Seniors are currently working in long-term care facilities in the Kennedale/Arlington community and now serve under the supervision of registered nurses to care for the residents of these facilities.
Mr. Burke told us, ?During this time of extreme strain on healthcare facilities, these students are fully responsible for the daily care of these delicate patients. They serve both the physical and emotional needs of these residents as visitors are no longer allowed in long term medical facilities in the State.?

Each of these students will pursue additional training and post-secondary educational opportunities, in hopes of earning additional licenses as they move into the healthcare career of their choice.

We are proud of these Wildcats, and we are thankful for having great teachers like Mr. Burke!

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