KISD Board meeting short, Superintendent emphasizes that there will be no changes to Delaney?s K-4.

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At the monthly meeting of the Kennedale Board of Trustees with two absence members, Rhonda Barnes and Eddie Patterson, the Board approved a short agenda.
Proclamations were issued by the Board recognizing the state performances of the six IronKat?powerlifters: Nate Brown, Trey McGahan, Trei Pitre, Nathan Ward, Shafiq Asmaty, Kevin Huynh and Derrick Williams. {{more}}
Additional proclamations were issued for state performances to three Wildcat Band members: Colton Watson, Karl Leverenz, and Garrett Uner. ?

Superintendent Gary Dugger reported that a?
?refinace or resale of bonds had netted the district approximately 1.77 million savings.

Under the Superintendent Report, Gary Dugger reported the following:

  • ?Security doors? have been or will be installed at all campuses. This system includes a buzz ?in system with a camera and intercom. The system is already in place at James Delaney and R. F. Patterson Elementary.
  • A year to date enrollment update shows that the district had an increase of 49 more students over last year.
  • Made a special statement concerning the item listed on the agenda as ?changing Delaney to K-2 and Patterson 3-4.? Dugger said that ?it is not, repeat, it is not something that is being discussed and as far as I am concern will not be discussed while I am here. I repeat that is not an option.” He said that he had gotten numerous emails on the subject and wanted to clear it up.
  • At the Superintendent request, James Delaney Principal, Katina Martinez, gave a report because concern had been expressed that students were meeting in a closet. She explained that the room in question was a room that has been used for any number of things over the years, but, it was now used for tutoring. She felt that the room fit the need for tutoring because it was centrally located in the building; it was in a quiet area; and, a large space was not needed. ?Board President Dr. Mike Walker asked her if she was pressured or “intimated” into making this report. She said that she had not.?

A complete video of the board meeting is available at?

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