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KISD is moving to online classroom instruction for all students

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?Next week the Kennedale Independent School District starts providing instruction online to each of

the district students. Using Google classroom, which most secondary students are already familiar,

teacher will provide instruction, assignments and feedback.{{more:? continue…}}

Students will be given assignments to complete and

enter on classroom. Grades will be

given. Parents will be able to access to watch the progress of their student(s).??

High school ramping up for Monday kick-off …?

Kennedale High School has already announced that

they will begin online instruction on Monday. Students will be expected to sign-in

on google classroom and officially start school again. Students had an

opportunity on Friday for a drive-through computer checkout for those without.

Paper-based instruction packets are available for those

students without internet access. (It should be noted that internet providers are offering special options for families with students without service. At least one of the carriers in this area is offering 60 days of free internet for students and their families).


process is being utilized across the district with the goal of every student

having access to classroom instruction and learning by Friday, April 3, 2020. Technical support will be provided.?

Learning at different location and different times …?

This is a form of distance or virtual learning that is based

on the concept that students are not all in one classroom and all receiving instruction

and assignments at the same time. Rather, it is the idea that students will learn the same material at different times

and locations, in this case, in is their own homes where they and their parents will determine the time. This is called asynchronous


The following letter posted on the KISD website helps explain the process in more detail.? It should be mention that teachers and adminstrative staff have been working on this for some time and teachers have been or will be reaching out to their own students and/or their parents. (Note: the highlighted areas have been made by the Kennedale News)

Dear KISD Students and Families,
By the end of next week, all of our teachers will begin delivering instruction for each grade level and content area via Google Classroom. The role of the teacher will shift from providing academic enrichment to designing and delivering instruction virtually.
Our teachers are eager to connect to their students and have already begun designing learning activities to support them in progressing along their learning pathways. I want to commend our teachers, instructional staff, technology personnel, and others who have moved mountains to create a strong distance learning plan for all grade levels in such a short amount of time. They have been working tirelessly for you.
This first week of virtual learning will focus primarily on review and enrichment of concepts previously taught. Teachers will provide asynchronous learning opportunities via Google Classroom, which will allow students to study independently at different locations and times, without real-time communication taking place.
Our emphasis on asynchronous virtual learning permits students and families the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any browser. We will also be providing paper-based packets by grade level that students can complete on their own time as needed. This emphasis on asynchronous learning provides targeted support for students while recognizing that instructional settings at home may vary.
The lessons our teachers are designing consist of varied learning approaches, including digital and non-digital options. Lesson planning will be divided into two categories: 1) Priority Instruction and 2) Supplemental Learning Opportunities.
Priority Instruction is defined as instruction that takes precedence over other subjects. Supplemental learning opportunities is defined as instruction that goes beyond the required content covered under priority instruction.
For many grade levels, the week will be structured so that students have choices on which activities to complete. For others, such as advanced high school courses and career and technology classes, there may be specific lessons required. Either way, your teachers will be contacting you (if they haven?t already done so) with specific details and expectations unique to each particular course.
Our expectation is that all of our students continue to learn and grow academically during this time of uncertainty. The KISD faculty and staff are some of the most outstanding educators in the state, and they remain committed to serving students no matter the circumstance.
Over the next few weeks, please remember that many of us are new Google Classroom users. We are asking many of our teachers to support students in navigating this unanticipated transition to virtual learning at the same time that we are asking them to learn how to deliver instruction effectively using brand-new technologies.
A large number of students and parents are new to Google Classroom as well. Though our faculty and staff have worked around the clock for the last several days to anticipate and mitigate as many issues as we can to prepare for this transition, we know that new challenges inevitably lie ahead.
Please continue to practice patience and extend grace to yourselves, your children, and our faculty as all of us adjust to this new instructional reality.
Our Learning@Home.com?site provides access to additional enrichment activities for students and is designed to serve as an important resource for families during this crisis. It does not replace contact and instructions from teachers. This site will be updated no later than 5 p.m. every Sunday with new material as long as the virtual learning plan is in effect.
Here are a few additional items to remember as we move to distance learning:
If you are experiencing problems with your Chromebook or logging into your KISD account, we want to help. You can access the help form on our Learning@Home?site.
Our technology department alongside campus principals are in the process of executing our plan to provide device access to students who need it based on the results of our family technology survey. Campus administrators have already shared (or will share soon) these details about campus-specific plans with families.
The best way to access applications available to students and staff is through Clever, which can be accessed on our Learning@Home?site.
Campus administrators will communicate directly the method(s) students will use to submit completed activities at a later date.? Please continue to follow our information hub on the KISD site for updates and communications.
While our physical buildings remain closed through April 10th, our teachers, campus administrators, and district personnel stand ready and willing to serve you. We understand the trepidation that surrounds this moment of uncertainty, so we appreciate all the support and encouragement you have shared with us over the last few days.
We are in this together, and we are looking forward to nourishing partnerships across our community to ensure that our students maintain a high level of academic success, now and into the future.

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